Chick Update!


It's been a while, but today I will give you all an update on the Chicks! 

Sprinkles, the Barred Plymouth Rock, is now our biggest hen! She's very sweet and has started laying. Buttercup, the Salmon Faverolle, is medium sized. She hates being picked up, but we are working on that.

Tulip and Petunia are squawking away happily. Bluebell has survived a harrowing capture by our dog, Ripple. Rocky is still the fastest!

Sadly, Irving was killed by a falcon around Halloween. She was an amazing little hen, and we continue to miss her today.

Love and Chickens,

Tater Tot

Quick Fudge

This fudge recipe is an old family tradition, my mother getting from her mother and passing it down to me. 

Fudge is an all-time favorite food in my family, with two heirloom recipes. I will share the other one come time. This is my maternal grandmother's recipe.

Fifth: Chapter 1



Chapter 1

I was sitting at my desk, reading one dreary November morning. I always get to school early, so most days,  I help Mr. T. Picking up worksheets from the printer, hanging projects on the walls, and more of that sort of thing. But some days, some days I just sit at my desk and read. This was one of those days. It was pouring rain outside, so I was wearing my school uniform, plus a sweater and a pair of navy wool tights. Our uniforms consist of white button-down shirts with plaid ties, plaid skirts for girls, and navy pants for boys. Soon the class will be a mess of people, activity, and book bags. 

Ten minutes later my best friend Alice comes onto the classroom with her twin brother Theo. Alice has thick brown hair that she wears in two braids. Theo has the same hair as Alice, but his is shorter and curlier. Theo loves Math, and Alice loves writing.  Alice takes her seat next to me, and Theo takes his next to her. 

Alice says to me, "Some rain, right?" 

I reply, "Yeah. Dad couldn't drive me, so I had to walk. Thank god for umbrellas!"

Next, Matthew comes in. He has wavy blond hair and loves sports.  Soon the class is full and the bell is ringing.

Mr. T says, "Well class, as today is a Friday and very rainy, Ms. Smithy and I have decided that today is a station day!" 

A wave of woo hoos and clapping echos through the room.  A slideshow appears on the screen.  Mr. T flips to a slide. It is titled, Groups!. I scan the screen for my name. I'm with Alice, Theo, and Ellie. 

Mr. T tells us, " Your groups are as follows. Group A: Jade, Isadora, Matthew, and Adriane, Group B: Emmy, Will, Tara, and Mary Anne. Group C will be Alice, Addelyn, Theo, and Ellie.  Group D is Logan, Cassandra, Cady, and Josephine. Group E is Sarah, Chris, Aidy, and Colin. "

Mr. T is an excellent teacher that way. He pairs us up with at least one of our friends, so we never feel alone. Ellie is of regular height with red hair pulled into a bun. Ellie is quiet, but once you get to know her, she laughs a lot and has super good ideas! 

Another slide appears on the screen. It's our group assignments for first period.  My group is doing English. Our first stop is a group word search, using next week's spelling words. Our second stop is pairing up and reading two passages each.  Finally we get to do everyone's favorite English stop, just reading for fifteen minutes. Then we finish up with a comprehension worksheet. I have a great time. Then we have math. More of the same kinds of things.  After math is recess. We all file into the gym, but by the time Alice, Ellie and I get to the line, the mats are already full.   I go to the bathroom, and hear a girl's voice...

Meet The New Additions!

Meet The New Additions!

We have some exciting news! As of June 22nd, 2020, we have seven chickens! We originally got three chicks, but we recently lost one. 

Sprinkles the day after we got her!


Sprinkles is a Barred Plymouth Rock chick. She recently turned 4 weeks old.  When we got her, she was two weeks old. Sprinks, (as I like to call her), is super sweet, but like Tulip, she's a bit feisty! 

Buttercup on the day after we got her!


Buttercup is a Salmon Faverolle pullet. She just turned five weeks old today! When we got her, she was three weeks old. Her birthday is June 2nd. Buttercup is named after Princess Buttercup from "The Princess Bride". Buttercup is a little bit skittish, but I am working on taming her!

                      Expect A New Post on The Chicks Soon!

The Chickens

The Chickens!

This is my first blog post, and I am here to tell you about my chickens! We have five chickens, and they are all wonders and super nice and friendly. Well, except Rocky, who nice once you catch her, but is very hard to catch!

Tulip and Petunia!

Tulip and Petunia 

Tulip and Petunia are both Buff Orpingtons.  They are two years old, and were my first chickens. I raised them from chicks.  They lay an average of 6 - 8 eggs a week. Tulip is very tame and snuggly. Petunia does not like being held as much as Tulip, but she likes being stroked. 



Rocky is a Speckled Sussex. She is named after, that's right, Rocky Balboa, from the movies. Rocky is around six to eight months old. We got her in February.  Rocky is very hard to hold, and is also very fast. I have given up on taming her.  We are not sure if she lays, or how much she lays just yet. 



Bluebell is a Silkie. Her blue earlobes are prominent, so that is why we named her Bluebell. She is relatively tame and easy to catch. Bluebell lays quite a bit, and watch out for an up and coming blog post about her!



Irving is also a Silkie. She is completely tame and super sweet! Irving is named after Irving Berlin. Her plumage is the color of a burnt marshmallow, and she is only the size of a baseball. We got her in February as well. Irving doesn't lay yet!