Meet The New Additions!

Meet The New Additions!

We have some exciting news! As of June 22nd, 2020, we have seven chickens! We originally got three chicks, but we recently lost one. 

Sprinkles the day after we got her!


Sprinkles is a Barred Plymouth Rock chick. She recently turned 4 weeks old.  When we got her, she was two weeks old. Sprinks, (as I like to call her), is super sweet, but like Tulip, she's a bit feisty! 

Buttercup on the day after we got her!


Buttercup is a Salmon Faverolle pullet. She just turned five weeks old today! When we got her, she was three weeks old. Her birthday is June 2nd. Buttercup is named after Princess Buttercup from "The Princess Bride". Buttercup is a little bit skittish, but I am working on taming her!

                      Expect A New Post on The Chicks Soon!

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